Just like so many industries all over the world right now, the golf industry looks a little different these days. Like you, we are trying to figure out the best course of action during these unprecedented times.  With the constant cancellations and postponements, it seems like the start of the 2020 golf season will forever be just out of reach.

Here’s where we’ve landed – over the next week or so we want to hear from you, and what you love about the game of golf.  Like many of you, we are in uncharted territory, trying to make sense of our jobs and life in general.  For us right now, that feels like providing a common place where we can come together and tell stories and share memories we’ve had on the golf course.

While the start of golf season may be delayed in some regard, we believe there is an inherent goodness to holding on to hope in these uncertain moments.  As we all strive to make the most of the coming days and weeks, join the conversation on our social media channels by following #mygolfhighlight.