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PGA Jr. League

Be A Game Changer

What is PGA Jr.League?

PGA Jr. League is a game-changing opportunity for boys and girls to learn and play golf. The program brings family and friends together around fun, team golf experiences with expert coaching from PGA and LPGA Professionals.


PGA Jr. League is all about the recreational and developmental nature of regular season matches, held between March 1 and July 31.

We invite all leagues to adopt the PGA Jr. League rules and Conditions of Play, however, these are simply recommendations throughout local league play. The rules and Conditions of Play will be fully enforced throughout the National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Championship Season, beginning with Section competitions.  Conditions of Play


PGA Jr. League is a fun, team golf experience for players ages 17 and younger.

The recreational nature of the regular season provides opportunities for skill and character development – on and off course – in addition to plenty of opportunities for fun, friends and family engagement with golf.

PGA Jr. League is all-inclusive – meaning all backgrounds are welcome to join a team.  In fact, we encourage you to join a team if you’ve never played golf.  Our expert PGA Professional Coaches are ready to help you start your Golf Journey.

National Car Rental Championship Season

For the first time, National Car Rental has been named the Title Partner of the PGA Jr. League Championship Season.  After participating in the regular season, competitive golfers have the opportunity to be selected for their league’s All-Star team. The Championship season begins in August, culminating with the National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Championship in October.  We are thrilled to share that Bent Brook Golf Course will host the 2022 PGA Jr. League Section Championship on August 13th.