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Alabama - NW Florida Golf Foundation

The Alabama–NW Florida Golf Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable entity created by the Alabama–NW Florida PGA. 

The mission of the Alabama – NW Florida Golf Foundation is to create life-changing opportunities for those who reside in the state of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle through community outreaches, programs and initiatives the game of golf provides.  We will accomplish this mission by supporting programs that grow the game while breaking down the barriers that discourage participation in the sport and business of golf.


We will create a sense of purpose and passion through the value of storytelling and by developing our resources within the foundation space in order to continue supporting meaningful programming to help introduce, elevate and sustain the game of golf. This in turn will create additional opportunities for PGA Professionals within the Alabama – NW Florida PGA Section.


The Alabama – NW Florida Golf Foundation has four (4) main areas it will focus its programming and outreach on.  These include engaging youth, military /veteran, diverse populations and PGA Professionals.  Each area of focus contains a diverse slate of programming and initiatives to help foster participation in both the sport and business of golf.


Access to golf – as a business and a sport – for all. 

We believe in the power of an invitation and know that there are endless opportunities when we extend this invitation to others.  Whether you’re just starting out or have been involved in the game your whole life, the Alabama–NW Florida Golf Foundation is granting access for people of all backgrounds and abilities to do more through golf.  We are dreamers first and we could not be more excited to see what lies ahead.