Match Play is Officially Underway

It’s that time of year again. Thirty-two golfers arrived at Indian Hills Country Club to tee off the 2022 Match Play sponsored by Southern Tide. Knowing they would all earn a spot on the bracket, the 8:00 a.m. shotgun start had the 32 golfers fighting for the No. 1 seed.

It was a beautiful morning in Tuscaloosa that turned into a bright, sunny day in the mid-80s. It was excellent golf weather, but the rain the night before, a common theme so far this year, presented quite the challenge.

After the qualifying round, there was a tie for first, and Henry Westmoreland landed the top spot while Jake Greer was seeded No. 2. Both finished the first round with a 3-under-par 68. The No. 3 spot went to Andrew Peyton who finished 2-under par. Three golfers tied for fourth with a 1-under 70. David Hanson, Paul McClure, and Dominic Diaz were seeded in the No. 4, No. 5, and No. 6 spots, respectively. Troy Raybon finished the qualifying round even.

After lunch, the bracket was set, and the golfers took to the course for the first-round matches.

First-round scores are as follows:
1Westmoreland Def. 32Shepherd  8 & 6
16Stephens Def. 17Richardson  1 Up
8Giammaresi Def. 25Martin  3 & 2
24DeBoer Def. 9Stromeyer  3 & 2
29Lett Def. 4Hanson  4 & 3
20Pilkington Def. 13Etter  3 & 2
5McClure Def. 28Powell  7 & 6
21Ohrn Def. 12Reid  1 Up
2Greer Def. 31Jordan  3 & 1
18Copeland Def. 15Blackwell  3 & 2
26Zimmerman Def. 7Raybon  4 & 3
10Thompson Def. 23Welsh  4 & 3
3Peyton Def. 30Clark  4 & 3
19Miller Def. 14Luther  3 & 2
6Diaz Def. 27Bryan  5 & 4
11Corn Def. 22Jacobs  4 & 3

Players who moved on to the second round will have until May 31 to complete their matches which will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon location and yardage by both players. Click here to see the bracket as it’s updated.

The Alabama – NW Florida Section would like to thank Kalen Kenney and Southern Tide for sponsoring the 2022 Match Play. Warmer weather is upon us, and we are looking forward to a great season of golf as we kick off the month of May. We will now turn our attention to the Alabama Chapter Championship at FarmLinks Golf Course on May 16 and 17.

Match Play @ Indian Hills C. C.

Match Play @ Indian Hills C. C.