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Tour Championship Points


At the end of every summer, we celebrate the great season we’ve had by inviting the top fifteen (15) players from each age division to the Junior Tour Championship.  We base these invitations on the total Tour Championship Points accumulated – these Tour Championship points are earned, shot-by-shot, hole-by-hole.  Our Junior Tour is built around competition to ensure those participating are ready to ascend to higher ranks in the sport. Our hope is this season-long race becomes something special for both players and parents. Something they can look back on for years to come.

Tour Championship Points will be awarded to the top fifteen (15) finishers in each age division at every event throughout the regular season.

Event Points Breakdown

1st Place – 100 6th Place – 55 11th Place – 30
2nd Place – 80 7th Place – 50 12th Place – 25
3rd Place – 70 8th Place – 45 13th Place – 20
4th Place – 65 9th Place – 40 14th Place – 15
5th Place – 60 10th Place – 35 15th Place – 10

In the case of ties, a scorecard playoff will be used to determine who will receive first place points and the medal for that place.  For example, if there are two players tied for third place a scorecard playoff will be enacted to determine who receives the third place medal – the points will be pro-rated between the two players (in this case, each player will receive 67.50 points).

Please note, Tour Championship Points only guarantee entry in to the season-ending Tour Championship.  Players will receive notification of their invitation status at the conclusion of the last regular-season event.